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Watermelon-Loving Wolves!

Wolves shed their insulating undercoats each spring to allow them to withstand the warmer summer weather, but sometimes shedding isn’t enough.

We’re always trying to make sure that our ambassador wolves are comfortable we want them to have exciting and fun experiences too! We can accomplish both goals by providing the wolves with enrichment fun activities that will challenge and mentally stimulate them while keeping them cool as well!

What better way to beat the summer heat than with delicious watermelons?

Watermelons are always fun, but wolves have a variety of natural defenses against the summer heat as well. Wolves (like dogs) will stay cool by panting to evaporate heat and moisture off their tongue. Panting is especially useful for wolves. A wolf’s elongated muzzle and the shape of the inner nose ensure optimal oxygenation and an efficient cooling system. Wolves also alter their patterns of activity, staying hunkered down during the hottest times of the day.