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Wolf Pup Ambush

Playtime helps wolf pups develop skills they’ll require as adults. But is this playful Mexican gray wolf pup practicing the right kind of skills?

To catch and surprise his littermate, the cunning 3-month-old is relying on his stealth and camouflage. Soon the pup will learn that contrary to ambush predators who rely on the element of surprise and an explosive short-lived attack to overcome their prey, wolves are coursing predators – they rely on their senses, teamwork, and physical endurance to hunt their prey!

When in pursuit, wolves will test their prey to identify the most vulnerable individuals in the herd, such as weak, sick, or old. To determine whom to target, wolves rely on their senses – using visual cues, scents, and sounds.

When all is said and done, a meal is generally the hard-won reward of extensive traveling and a chase that can measure a few miles!

Meet the 28 Mexican gray wolves who call the Wolf Conservation Center home here: