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Mexican Gray Wolf’s Wild Legacy

The best grandparents are loving, fun, and… wolves? Yes!

Join us in wishing Mexican gray wolf Diego a Happy Grandparents’ Day! The 12 year old lobo is the proud grandfather of the soon-to-be-five month old pups born at the Wolf Conservation Center in April, including Hope, the North American superhero!

Diego and Mexican gray wolf Rosa joyously welcomed the birth of their daughter Trumpet in 2016 and although the family went their separate ways a few years later, we imagine Diego is quite proud to know he has grandpups. After all, not every wolf has a wild granddaughter.

Hope, born to parents Trumpet and Lighthawk in April, was successfully cross-fostered into the wild and now lives in Arizona as a member of the Saffel Pack. She’s living a life her grandfather only dreams of but through her, Diego is experiencing the wild. Thank you, Hope, for making your grandfather’s dreams come true!

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