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Expert Testimonials Question Alberta’s Use of Strychnine in Wolf Kill Program

The Silent Howl is a short video in which experts have come together to express serious concerns about Alberta’s use of strychnine to target wolves under the guise of caribou conservation. Strychnine is an inhumane poison still used in Canada despite environmental and public safety risks.

In 2018, fifty organizations and experts collectively urged Health Canada to place a nation-wide ban on the 3 pesticides used to kill predators in Canada: strychnine,  sodium cyanide and Compound 1080.  While these poisons are set out to target wolves, coyotes, and black bears, unintended victims have included endangered species and pets.

The Silent Howl echoes statements from animal welfare authorities and wildlife ecologists across the country.  As asked in The Silent Howl, is Health Canada aware of this?

Learn more about Wolf Awareness Inc. and their campaign to place a nation-wide ban on pesticides used to kill predators.