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Mexican Gray Wolf Pupdate – Growth Spurt

When it comes to wolves, it’s all about family. 

At about six and a half months of age, Mexican gray wolf pups have undergone dramatic growth and have disproportionately large paws and heads. Their eyes have changed from blue to striking yellow-gold, and their winter fur and adult guard hairs are apparent. Although they’re not yet full grown, they’re still valuable members of their family.

Big or small, every member of a wolf family plays a key role in ensuring the survival and growth of the unit. As pups grow, they begin to accompany adults on hunting trips and learn valuable lessons. Passing down knowledge from one generation to the next also allows the family to maintain traditions unique to that pack.

What do you suppose Mexican gray wolf Hope, cross-fostered into the Saffel Pack in Arizona in May 2019, is learning from her wild family? 

Watch Hope’s siblings at the Wolf Conservation Center via live webcam.