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Blind Betrayal: BC Government Uses Collared Wolves to Kill Entire Wolf Families

New Report Reveals BC Government Repeatedly Uses Wolves to Betray their Family Packs

December 11, 2019 – A new report released by the British Columbia government revealed that not only are radio-collared wolves used to lead government killers to their families, but they are left alive while the rest of their pack is killed. The BC government then uses those same wolves in following years to locate their new family members and kill them, thus repeating a vicious cycle.

The nefarious details of B.C.’s wolf-killing program, uncovered by Wolf Awareness, are published in a government report titled South Peace Caribou Recovery Following Five Years of Experimental Wolf Reduction. The methods section details “The radio-collared individuals were often left alive following the conclusion of the winter reduction efforts in order to facilitate the location of wolves the following winter.”

The B.C. government has repeatedly denied using this tactic, but the 2019 experimental report highlights their usage of this cruel strategy. The collared wolves are often known as “Judas wolves” for their unknowing betrayal of their families.

The South Peace wolf-kill program has killed more than 550 wolves under the guise of protecting an endangered caribou population, and is proposed to continue for an indefinite period.

“Knowing that wolves are highly sentient and dependent on each other for survival makes this practice unbearable to think about, yet we must.  Imagine what these collared wolves experience. How many times do they have to suffer?” questions Sadie Parr, executive director of Wolf Awareness.