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Senate Bill Seeks to Remove Federal Protections for Gray Wolves Nationwide

The holiday season is supposed to be about peace, joy, and compassion for all living beings, but before leaving the capital for the holidays on Friday, Senator Mike Lee (R-Utah) introduced legislation to remove federal Endangered Species Act protections for gray wolves across the continental United States.

Co-sponsored by Republican Senators Steve Daines of Montana, Mitt Romney of Utah, and Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, bill S. 3140 also prohibits its judicial review, thus preventing any legal challenge despite it being an important part of the checks and balances to limit the authority of the legislative branch. 

Gray wolves are currently listed as endangered in most of the lower-48 states. While the return of gray wolves in the northern Rocky Mountains and the Great Lakes has been successful, the species still only occupies a small portion of its former range.

A national delisting for wolves would reverse the incredible progress that the Endangered Species Act has achieved for this species over the past few decades and once again put the gray wolf at risk.

If this legislation passes, gray wolves will die at the hands of trophy hunters.

Stay tuned for updates and action.