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Ban Coyote Killing Contests in New York State

Each year thousands of animals, including coyotes, die in cruel wildlife killing competitions held in New York, where contestants compete to shoot the most or biggest animals for cash prizes.

Incentivizing the killing of New York’s coyotes is wrong – it’s both cruel and scientifically unsound as a management tool. 

For more than 100 years, what amounts to an extermination campaign has been waged against coyotes across the United States. However, coyotes are more widespread now than ever, and have even have expanded their range to include many cities.

The best available science shows coexisting with predator animals – rather than killing them – is the most effective management strategy, yet many states often do little to halt barbaric killing contests.

New York can be better.

Coyote killing contests have no place in the 21st century, nor do they have a place in New York.