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Endangered Mexican Gray Wolf Brothers Destined for Exciting Future

An exciting chapter opened today for six Mexican gray wolves as they departed their home at the Wolf Conservation Center, bound for the Stone Zoo (MA). The brothers, known to their global fan base as Craighead, Carson, Goodall, Beattie, Mittermeier, and Lek, are valued for their loyalty and dedication to their family and will be greatly missed.

The band of brothers first entered the spotlight when they were born to parents Rosa and Alleno in May 2018, along with their sisters Diane, Bria, and Helene. Unbeknownst to them, their close-knit family antics were witnessed by a global audience of millions thanks to live-streaming webcams. Viewers delighted in the especially petite duo of Diane and Craighead, fawned over Rosa’s tender care for her children, and laughed as the rambunctious youngsters destroyed one of their cameras!

The last two years have been filled with love and laughter, and we’re honored to have witnessed this family’s special connection from afar.

Thank you, Craighead, Carson, Goodall, Beattie, Mittermeier, and Lek, for raising awareness for Mexican gray wolves and inspiring people to save them!