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Wolf Birthdays Abound: Week of April 26, 2020

Spring is the season of rebirth and renewal, but for wolves it’s also the season of birthdays! Breeding season occurs in late winter so, with a gestation period of 63 days, pups are born in early spring. With 44 wolves currently living at the Wolf Conservation Center, spring means A LOT of birthdays!

This week (April 26 – May 2) we’re celebrating 15 birthdays:

Mexican gray wolves George, Mosby, Nicholas, and Hope (April 26)

The youngest wolves at the WCC are officially one year old! Last April, Mexican gray wolf Trumpet gave birth to five wiggling pups, each essential and extremely cute. While one pup sadly passed away, the other four were destined for greatness. At just a few days old, Hope was whisked away to Arizona, where she was cross-fostered into the Saffel Pack – she’s now celebrating her first birthday in the wilds of the Southwest! Her three brothers, George, Nicholas, and Mosby, still live with their family at the WCC but their constant webcam presence allows a global audience to connect with these elusive wolves and understand their essential role.

Red wolves Notch, Gilda, Penny, and Tom (April 28)

This quartet of critically endangered red wolves is celebrating their third birthday! The siblings were born to parents Veronica and Sam at the Museum of Life and Science (NC) but came to live at the WCC with their family later that year – and boy, are we glad they did! Notch, Gilda, Penny, and Tom are relatively unknown to our supporters but through live-streaming webcams, we’re able to learn much more about red wolf family interactions. These rambunctious siblings prove that while wolf families can sometimes be chaotic, they’re always loving.

Mexican gray wolf Belle (April 30)

Mexican gray wolf Belle is just that – the belle of the ball! The voluptuous mother of six is celebrating her ninth birthday and she’s never looked more beautiful. Although she’s no longer as well-known as some of the WCC’s other “famous” wolves, Belle was one of the first wolves at the WCC to “break the internet” – when she went into labor in 2016, over 300,000 people tuned in to watch her live webcam!

Red wolf Veronica (April 30)

Veronica, an amazing mother and amazing representative for her critically endangered species, turns nine years old this week! Her loving yet stern (when needed) demeanor allows her to easily control her large family – she has ten children with mate Sam! Truly a modern-day wonder woman.

Mexican gray wolves Babs, Joe Darling, and Kral (April 30)

Happy second birthday to the best wolf babysitters! Mexican gray wolves Babs, Joe Darling, and Kral are part of a multigenerational family unit, which means half of their lives have been spent babysitting their younger siblings. They’ve become quite adept at navigating the trials of pup rearing, which bodes well for any future pups of their own.

Red wolves Charlotte and Tyke (May 2)

Two of the WCC’s most famous red wolves turn five years old this week! Charlotte and Tyke, along with their three litter mates, were born to parents Moose and Salty in 2015 and, thanks to the WCC’s live-streaming webcams, grew up in front of a global audience. Their devotion to each other, and now to their respective families, reminds us that when it comes to wolves, it’s all about family.

Mexican gray wolf Alleno (May 2)

Oh, Alleno – how many wonderful things can we say about this perfect example of a Mexican gray wolf? The father of nine turns ten years old this week, and he’ll be celebrating with his mate, Rosa, and their three daughters. The family shrunk in size recently when Alleno’s six sons traveled to their new home at the Stone Zoo (MA) but fewer kids means more quality time spent with Rosa and his daughters!

Join us in sending birthday howls to these unique, essential wolves! Consider symbolically adopting one (or all) of these wolves to make their birthdays a bit wilder.