Month: May 2020

Why Do Wolves’ Eyes Glow in the Dark?

May 29, 2020

Have you ever wondered why a wolf’s eyes appear to “glow” in the dark? While it may seem spooky, this phenomenon is easily explained by science. Wolves have a special…

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Mexican Gray Wolf Pups Across U.S. Receive Call of the Wild

May 28, 2020

Earlier this spring, 20 wolf pups from five different facilities across the U.S. were placed with wild Mexican gray wolf families through a process known as “cross-fostering.” Cross-fostering is a…

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Creative Mobile Charity Event for the Wolf Conservation Center

May 25, 2020

Our friends at Creative Mobile launch “Save the Wolves” charity event in their mobile game ZooCraft: Animal Family. From May 28 to May 31, mobile gamers will have a special…

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Cute Eastern Coyote Pup Reminds Us to Coexist

May 23, 2020

Spring means warmer weather, spots of sunshine, and cute coyote pups! The arrival of coyote pups and other newborn wildlife reminds us to be respectful and vigilant of wildlife around…

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Happy Birthday to Mexican Gray Wolves Nita, Jean, and Max

May 22, 2020

Three years ago today, Mexican gray wolf Belle gave birth to three daughters – each one essential, endangered, and extremely cute. The sisters, Max, Jean, and Nita, quickly became global…

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Department of Interior Finalizes Rule Targeting Alaska’s Bears, Denning Wolves

May 21, 2020

The National Park Service, under the Department of the Interior, announced on Wednesday the approval of a finalized rule that reverses wildlife management regulations implemented for Alaska parks in 2015.…

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Wild Den: A Wolf Pup’s First Home

May 19, 2020

A wolf pup’s first home is typically a den; it’s where they’re born and where they generally remain during their first couple of months. Varying in size and design, a…

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Celebrating Ambassador Wolf Atka and His Teachings

May 17, 2020

Eighteen years ago, the world’s most wonderful wolf was born. His name was Atka. Atka lived as everyone should – embracing every moment, finding joy in the world around him,…

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Endangered Species Day Auction to Benefit Wolves

May 15, 2020

This Endangered Species Day, we’re celebrating Mexican gray wolves and other endangered wildlife, and the very legislation that saved them – the Endangered Species Act. The ESA is our nation’s…

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Amazing footage of wolf-bear interactions in Voyageurs National Park!

May 13, 2020

Wow! Amazing footage of wolf-bear interactions in Voyageurs National Park! Wolf pups are quite small when they’re born and their size, coupled with a lack of defense skills at that…

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