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Happy Birthday to Mexican Gray Wolves Nita, Jean, and Max

Three years ago today, Mexican gray wolf Belle gave birth to three daughters – each one essential, endangered, and extremely cute. The sisters, Max, Jean, and Nita, quickly became global favorites, as hundreds of thousands of people tuned in to watch the adorably curious wolves grow up under the watchful eyes of their parents and older siblings.

Although strikingly similar in appearance, the sisters have vastly different personalities. Max is bold and curious, often leading the way when the trio encounters a new object or scent. Nita is fierce and vocal, quick to howl with her family at the slightest prompting – she even growled and squeaked at just a few weeks old! Last but not least, Jean – named in honor of a dedicated wolf advocate, Jean exemplifies the best qualities of wolves. She’s loyal, fair, and loves to spend time with her family.

Join us in sending birthday howls to the trio!