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Free Webinar: Wolf Restoration in Isle Royale National Park

Join the Wolf Conservation Center and Dr. Rolf Peterson on November 19, 2020 at 6 PM EST for a discussion about the wolves of Isle Royale National Park.

Isle Royale is a remote wilderness island in Lake Superior and home to populations of wolves and moose that are known worldwide. These animals are the focus of the longest-running study of a predator-prey system in the wild, and Dr. Rolf Peterson, an internationally recognized wildlife ecologist at Michigan Technical University, has been at the helm of the project for over four decades.

Dr. Peterson will provide a timely update on the NEW wolves of Isle Royale, more than a year after wolves were translocated to this island national park in Lake Superior. The restored wolf population is already proving to be a force for transformation, both for this ecosystem and for continued understanding of the natural role of the wolf in nature.