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Ambassador Wolf Nikai Turns Seven!

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Seven years ago today — this guy happened!

Nikai (meaning “Little Saint” or “One Who Wanders”) is a gray wolf who joined the Wolf Conservation Center family in May of 2014. Born on April 13, 2014, Nikai quickly wiggled, hiccuped, and howled his way into the hearts of WCC staff and supporters.

Nikai serves as a representative for his wild kin, allowing visitors, webcam watchers, and social media followers to form connections with animals they might never otherwise see. But although the capably fulfills his professional role, he’s also quite the spirited wolf! Always up for some fun, Nikai can often be observed trying to entice his siblings into a quick game of chase but he’s also perfectly content to observe the countless hawks, eagles, and vultures that fly over his home.

Happy seventh birthday, Nikai! Howls of thanks for your tireless, and greatly appreciated, efforts to create a better world for wolves!

Show your love for Nikai with your symbolic adoption of the birthday boy!