Month: May 2021

Wild Salute

May 31, 2021

Today on Memorial Day, we remember, thank, and honor all of the men, women, and military working dogs who lost their lives in service to our country.

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Wolf Statue for Sale to Support Wolf Recovery

May 29, 2021

On their way to meet Ambassador wolves Zephyr, Alawa, and Nikai, most visitors to the Wolf Conservation Center walk by a beautiful bronze statue depicting a gray wolf and a dog looking at each other. Artist Colleen Rudolf created “Encounter” to express the themes of nonverbal communication and how humans (and dogs) relate to their…

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Eight Endangered Mexican Gray Wolves Found Dead in Opening Months of 2021

May 20, 2021

The Arizona Game and Fish Department (AZGFD) announced in the Mexican Wolf Recovery Program Quarterly Update that eight endangered Mexican gray wolves were found dead in Arizona and New Mexico in the first quarter of 2021. The incidents are under investigation. One of the wolves, the breeding male of the Elk Horn pack, died after…

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Scientists Urge Biden Administration to Restore Gray Wolf Protections

May 13, 2021

115 scientists, with expertise in wolf ecology, population dynamics, and genetics, authored a letter urging Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to restore gray wolf protections. In one of its final acts, the Trump Administration announced its decision to remove the gray wolf from the federal endangered species…

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Historic Release Of Eight Endangered American Red Wolves

May 12, 2021

History was made on April 30 and May 1, 2021 when four American red wolves (Canis rufus) from the Endangered Wolf Center, Wolf Conservation Center and Wolf Haven International were released in a protected refuge of North Carolina, and four American red wolf pups from the Akron Zoo were fostered to a red wolf female…

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Happy Mother’s Day!

May 9, 2021

Wishing red wolf Charlotte and all the mothers out there a wonderful Mother’s Day!

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Last-Minute Gift: Sponsor an Endangered Wolf Mom for Mother’s Day

May 8, 2021

Wolves are essential. Moms are too. It’s the season of recognizing mothers for their strength, dedication, and love! Need a last-minute meaningful gift? Sponsor one of the Wolf Conservation Center’s critically endangered wolf moms to show your appreciation for the strong, fierce women in your life! Choose from four moms – Charlotte, Belle, Rosa, Trumpet…

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Wolves Need Federal Protections Now

May 6, 2021

Within weeks of the Trump delisting rule taking effect, Wisconsin slaughtered hundreds of wolves – Idaho and Montana began taking steps to kill even more. In one of its final acts, the Trump Administration announced its decision to remove the gray wolf from the federal endangered species list, ending longstanding federal safeguards for wolves across…

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Who Really Pays for Wildlife Conservation in the United States?

May 5, 2021

A common myth is that hunters are the primary funding source for wildlife conservation efforts in the United States, thanks to hunting license fees, excise taxes, and more. This misconception has resulted in hunting groups receiving far too much influence over wildlife policies, especially in states where hunting of “game” species and “non-game” species is…

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Mexican Gray Wolf Trumpet Turns Five, Red Wolf Jack Fourteen

May 4, 2021

Spring is the season of rebirth and renewal, but for wolves it’s also the season of birthdays! Happy 5th Birthday to Mexican Gray Wolf Trumpet! Trumpet (F1505) has always been a trailblazing wolf. Named so for her eruptive squeaks and howls as a newborn pup, she was the sole pup born to Diego (M1059) and…

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