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Scientists Urge Biden Administration to Restore Gray Wolf Protections

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115 scientists, with expertise in wolf ecology, population dynamics, and genetics, authored a letter urging Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to restore gray wolf protections.

In one of its final acts, the Trump Administration announced its decision to remove the gray wolf from the federal endangered species list, ending longstanding federal safeguards for wolves across the lower 48 states, save for a small Mexican gray wolf population in Arizona and New Mexico.

Just weeks after the federal rule took effect, states began enacting new policies – putting wolves in the crosshairs and reminding us how vulnerable wolves have become. These policies disregard the best available science and highlight the need for federal oversight of gray wolves.

In a world where we increasingly understand the importance of predators and our ability to coexist, we cannot allow the delisting rule to further galvanize a movement bent on delegitimizing science and killing wolves. Please call on President Joe Biden and Secretary Deb Haaland to restore federal ESA protections for wolves.