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Study Predicts 30% of Wisconsin’s Wolves Killed Since Losing ESA Protections

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In a new study, researchers say up to a third of Wisconsin’s gray wolves may have been killed earlier this year after the Trump administration stripped them of federal protection.

In addition to the 216 wolves that were slaughtered within 60 hours in the state’s controversial wolf hunt last February, scientists believe over 100 more wolves were poached, or killed illegally. Beyond the wanton cruelty and devastation the delisting has brought to wolves, Wisconsin has demonstrated its inability to commit to sound science and to carry out its essential responsibilities like enforcing quotas, addressing poaching, and assuring tribes maintain their longstanding rights to natural resources.

In a world where we increasingly understand the importance of predators and our ability to coexist, we cannot allow the delisting rule to further galvanize a movement bent on delegitimizing science and killing wolves.

Wolves need continued federal protection if they’re to survive and fully recover. Join us asking Secretary Haaland and President Biden to relist the wolf under the Endangered Species Act today.