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Wolf Awareness Week Begins!

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National Wolf Awareness Week begins today! Wolves have long been shrouded in myth and superstition, so this week provides an opportunity to open the door to understanding the importance and plight of the keystone species. It’s a time to recognize wolves as an ESSENTIAL part of our natural landscapes and to engage others to become interested and active in wolf survival.

Originally created by the Timber Wolf Alliance to recognize the role wolves play in the environment of Wisconsin, the movement has expanded to promote the ecological importance of wolves across their entire natural range. The event is celebrated the third full week of October and serves to highlight wolves!

Why Wolves?

Wolves are a critical keystone species in a healthy ecosystem.

By regulating prey populations, wolves enable many other species of plants and animals to flourish. In this regard, wolves have a trickle-down effect on other populations, a phenomenon known as a “trophic cascade”. When present in an ecosystem, wolves “touch” songbirds, beaver, fish, and butterflies.

Without predators, such as wolves, the system fails to support a natural level of biodiversity and may cease to exist altogether.