Month: December 2021

Wolves Are Essential, And So Are You

December 31, 2021

Thank you. At the end of a year defined by some of the greatest challenges we’ve ever seen for wolves, one thing remains clear – wolves are essential, and so are you. It’s been a deadly year for wolves; they have become the subject of intense persecution and cruelty. This year alone, several hundreds of…

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Mexican Gray Wolf Max Takes on Essential Role in Wolf Recovery

December 22, 2021

Mexican gray wolf Max, born at the Wolf Conservation Center in 2017, has embarked on an exciting adventure – the feisty four-year-old female has moved to the Endangered Wolf Center (EWC) and could welcome pups this spring! Max, also known as F1620, was born to parents Belle and Rhett in 2017 and was named after…

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Washington Wolf Killed to Benefit Private Livestock Industry

December 9, 2021

Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) officials announced that a second member from a wolf family “that is north of the Touchet pack territory and west of the Tucannon pack territory” was killed to protect cows. On November 10, Director Kelly Susewind issued kill permits allowing livestock producers to kill up to two wolves…

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Oregon Police Ask for Information About Poisoning of Entire Wolf Pack

December 2, 2021

The Oregon State Police is asking members of the public to report any information about the poisoning of the Catherine Wolf Pack in eastern Oregon. The family (three males, two females) was found dead in February 2021 southeast of Mount Harris within Union County. A female wolf from the Keating Pack was found dead in…

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