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Wolves Are Essential, And So Are You

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Thank you.

At the end of a year defined by some of the greatest challenges we’ve ever seen for wolves, one thing remains clear – wolves are essential, and so are you.

It’s been a deadly year for wolves; they have become the subject of intense persecution and cruelty. This year alone, several hundreds of wolves have been killed for fun, obliterating entire wolf families or leaving them forever altered. Although wolves face grave threats right now, thanks to you, they are not fighting alone.

Through your continued compassion, generosity, courage, and your voice, you are making a difference for today’s most vulnerable wolves, and you provide hope for a better world with wolves for future generations. The widespread outcry of opposition to the horrifying slaughter of wolves reminds us that more and more people understand that the environment needs wolves and are willing to fight for the policies and protections that will allow wolves to survive and thrive.

We see a world where vibrant populations of wolves roam wild landscapes across the continent, where no species of wolf cowers on the edge of extinction, and we treat wolves with the respect and understanding that they deserve.

That hopeful vision is possible because of you. Thank you for standing by us and fighting to protect and preserve the species we value so deeply.

So, as we close 2021, we thank you for your support and rededicate ourselves to our mission.