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Rest in Peace, Zephyr

Zephyr Rip Email

Dear Friends,

It is with sorrow and heartbreak that we share news about the world’s favorite wolf. Zephyr passed away today; he was 11 years old.

He was euthanized early this morning due to complications from myasthenia gravis, and was surrounded by those he held dear – his siblings, his human family, and the many wild animals with whom he shared his life.

Zephyr is a Greek word meaning “light or west wind” and much as the west wind continues to blow and howl, so too will Zephyr’s memory and passion for life.

He connected millions of people to wolves – charismatically highlighting the loving, inquisitive, and playful nature of his species – and served as the connector in his family as well. His close-knit relationship with Alawa, his litter mate, and steadfast devotion to Nikai, his younger brother, allowed the family of three to grow and adapt to an ever-changing world as a united pack.

Zephyr’s greatest talent, however, was his ability to make everyone he met feel special and valued. His piercing amber stare and propensity for melodic howls forged a bond with a global audience that will never be broken, and never should be. Much as the wind is sometimes quiet, sometimes forceful, but always present, so too is Zephyr’s love.

Thank you, Zephyr. We’ll never stop loving you.

Thank you so much for your support,

The Wolf Conservation Center Family