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Double Down on Your Love for Wolves this Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday 2022 Wide

It’s Giving Tuesday – the one day you can double your support for the Wolf Conservation Center and the wolves you love.

Thanks to a generous pledge from an anonymous donor, all donations received today, November 29th (including checks dated 11/29/22), will be matched up to $50,000!

Essential and in danger, wolves continue to face seemingly insurmountable odds. As you read this, people in Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming are killing wolves for fun. These wolves, so carelessly slaughtered, have immense value – to their families, to ecosystems, and to people who support them.

Your generosity will help wolves at the WCC and across the country, as we continue to advocate for protections for wolves everywhere. When it comes to giving back to nature in hope of a better future, donating today could have a reverberating impact that none of us can truly properly anticipate.

We will not give up until wolves are treated with the respect and understanding that they deserve, and we know that you won’t, either.

After all, wolves are essential. And so are you.