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Wolf Pup Developmental Milestones

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The speed of physical pup development is mind blowing! Although no bigger than one pound at birth, wolves reach their adult size in less than one year, and reach sexual maturity at about two years old. So what, exactly, does pup development look like?

0 – 12 days
Eyes and ears are closed
Dark fur, rounded heads – about 1 lb in size
Vocalizations consist of whines and whimpers

12 days – 1 month
Eyes and ears open around 12 days old, eyes are blue
Begin to stand and slowly walk around in den
Vocalizations expand to include growls, squeaky attempts at howls
Begin to eat small pieces of regurgitated meat

1 month – 2 months
Explore outside of the den, play near the entrance
Disproportionately large paws and head
Gradual weaning process begins; grown canine teeth and premolar teeth
Play fighting with littermates begins

2 months – 4 months
Eyes slowly change from blue to golden yellow
Pups eat solid food provided by parents and older siblings
Adult guard hairs begin to grow
Wild pups begin to follow parents on hunting trips but soon leave

4 months – 6 months
Pups grow rapidly, gaining over 1 lb per week
Begin to grow winter under coat
Wild pups begin to accompany parents on hunting trips

6 months – 1 year
Growth rate slows
Begin to travel with family and actively hunt

2 years
No longer considered to be pups – are officially mature adults