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Doubling Down on Our Love for Wolves

GT Wide Duo

It’s Giving Tuesday – the one day you can double your support for the Wolf Conservation Center and the wolves you love.

Thanks to a generous pledge from our Board, all donations received today, November 28th (including checks dated 11/28/23), will be matched up to $81,500!

Absolutely vital, yet alarmingly threatened, wolves across North America continue to navigate a perilous landscape. As we speak, their survival hangs in the balance, particularly in states like Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming. There, wolves face not only natural challenges but also the threat of human actions – hunters and policies that disregard their crucial role in our ecosystems. Each wolf lost is not just a number; it’s a missing link in the intricate web of nature, a blow to biodiversity, and a loss for those who understand and cherish their importance.

Your support is more critical than ever. By donating to the Wolf Conservation Center, you’re directly contributing to the safety and well-being of wolves in our care while also reinforcing our commitment to advocate for the protection of their wild counterparts. The road ahead is challenging, but with your help, we can continue to fight for a world where wolves are recognized not as targets, but as integral parts of a healthy ecosystem.

When you choose to give back to nature, you’re setting off a ripple effect of conservation that extends far beyond what we can see. Together, we stand strong in the belief that wolves deserve a future marked by understanding and coexistence.

Together, we can make a difference. For the wolves, and for the world.