Research at the WCC

Plummer Collage

The Wolf Conservation Center is a wonderful laboratory for students, professors and biologists. The WCC provides great opportunities for researchers to gather unique data from captive wolves.

If you are interested in doing research at the WCC please contact [email protected]

Featured are individuals who performed their research at the WCC:

» Analysis of Behavior and Cortisol Levels Of a Captive Wolf in Solitaire Versus Captive Wolves in a Pack

» A GIS-Based Approach to Documenting Carnivore Damage to Bones

» Work in Progress: Using Wolves to Teach Engineering Design

» Study of Wolf Behavior 

» Comparisons of laterality between wolves and domesticated dogs (Canis lupus familiaris)

» The Effect of Pitch on the Auditory Discrimination of Wolves

» Animal Magnetism: A study of captive grey wolves at rest and their orientation relative to Earth’s magnetic field