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Did You Know?

Wolves are not known for their speed but they can achieve top speed around 35mph in short bursts in pursuit of prey. Wolves do have great endurance. They can travel very long distances at a lope around 5mph.

Wolf Ecology: Research and Scientific Articles

» Rewilding the world's large carnivores, (Christopher Wolf, William J. Ripple), 2018 

» Fear of large carnivores causes a trophic cascade, (Justin P. Suraci et al), 2016

» Wolf visitations close to human residences in Finland: The role of age, residence density, and time of day, (Ilpo Kojolaet al), 2016

» Food habits of the world’s grey wolves, (Thomas Newsome et al), 2016

» Implications of Harvest on the Boundaries of Protected Areas for Large Carnivore Viewing Opportunities, (Bridget L. Borg et al), 2016

» Effects of predation risk on elk (Cervus elaphus) landscape use in a wolf (Canis lupus) dominated system, (Eisenberg, Hibbs, and Ripple), 2015

» The Importance and Benefits of Species, (Gascon et al), 2015

» Lessons from the Wild Lab - Yellowstone Park is a real-world laboratory of predator-prey relations, (Morell), 2015

» The unique ecology of human predators, (Darimont et al), 2015

» A continental scale trophic cascade from wolves through coyotes to foxes, (Newcome and Ripple), Journal of Animal Ecology, 2014

» Predation Risk, Elk, and Aspen: Comment, (Beschta, Eisenberg, Laundre, Ripple and Rooney), 2014

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» Trophic Cascades in a Multicausal World: Isle Royale and Yellowstone, (Peterson, Vucetich, Bump, and Smith) Jan. 2014

» Restoration of Riparian Areas Following the Removal of Cattle in the Northwestern Great Basin, (Batchelor, Ripple, Wilson, Painter) Dec. 2014

» Wolf, elk, and aspen food web relationships: Context and complexity, (Eisenberg, Seager and Hibbs) 2013

» Ecosystem restoration with teeth: what role for predators?, (Ritchie, Elmhagen, Glen, Letnic, Ludwig, and McDonald) Jan. 2012

» The role of predation in disease control: A comparison of selective and nonselective removal on prion disease dynamics in deer, Wild, Hobbs, Graham, Miller, 2011

» Wolf family values - The exquisitely balanced social life of the wolf has implications far beyond the pack, (New Scientist), 2010

» The Landscape of Fear: Ecological Implications of Being Afraid, (Laundre, Hernandez, Ripple, 2010)

» A Model Analysis of Effects of Wolf Predation on Prevalence of Chronic Wasting Disease in Elk Populations of Rocky Mountain National Park, (Hobbs), 2006

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