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Webcam: F1435 (Magdalena) & M1059 (Diego)

  • About F1435 (Magdalena)
    F1435 (Magdalena) arrived at the Wolf Conservation Center from the Brookfield Zoo in Brookfield, IL in November of 2016. She lives on exhibit with Mexican gray wolf M1059 (“Diego”). The dark beauty was born on May 29, 2015 and is the older sister to two wolves who received the “call of the wild” in April of 2016. As pups, her younger siblings were placed in the den of the Arizona-based Elk Horn Pack of wild wolves with the intention that the pack’s adults would raise the two with its own litter. In this process, known as “cross-fostering,” very young pups are moved from a litter at a zoo or wildlife center to a wild litter of similar age so that the receiving pack raises the pups as its own. The technique, which has proven successful with wolves and other wildlife, shows promise to improve the genetic diversity of the wild wolf population.

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  • About M1059 (Diego)
    Mexican gray wolf M1059 – “Diego” was born at the California Wolf Center on April 22 (Earth Day!) of 2007. He and his two brothers, M1058 (Chico) and M1060 (Durango), were transferred to the Seneca Zoo in 2011. The trio joined the Wolf Conservation Center family in November of 2015, but WCC was merely a pit-stop for M1058 and M1060. Just weeks after their arrival, they returned west to reside at the Living Desert Zoo and Gardens in Palm Springs, CA. Although Diego no longer lives with his brothers, the handsome dark lobo remains among family as his younger brother, M1133 (Rhett), also calls the WCC home. Diego was introduced to F1143 (Rosa), and the pair welcomed a pup, f1505 (Trumpet) in the spring of 2016. In the interest of expanding the genetic diversity of the Mexican wolf population, Diego and Rosa were separated for the 2018 breeding season, after which Rosa produced nine pups with Mexican gray wolf M1198 (Alléno). Love stuck a second time for Diego as well, today he lives with his new lady companion, F1435 (Magdalena).

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    Anyone can adopt one (or all) of our wolves via a direct donation to the Wolf Conservation Center. We offer four levels of donations which come with various perks. Check them out and adopt your favorite WCC wolf or wolves today!

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