Adopt an Eastern Coyote

Show your love and support for coyotes with your puchase of a symbolic adoption of an eastern coyote! The $55 sponsorship includes cool coyote facts, a stuffed toy coyote, a coyote bio, and one year of periodic updates. Begin the sponsorship process by choosing a male or female coyote.

Coyotes (Canis latrans) live throughout North America. The eastern coyote is a subspecies of coyote, and lives all across the eastern United States.
Coyotes make their homes in fields, forests, deserts, wetlands, even cities and neighborhoods. They are opportunistic, which means they will eat food that is easily caught or found - they’re not very picky! Every single coyote is unique and individual, just like people. They each have skills, fears, favorite activities, and even distinct voices.

Female Eastern Coyote

Male Eastern Coyote