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He's Here!

Welcome to a unique opportunity to leave your mark on the Wolf Conservation Center's history. We are thrilled to introduce our newest Ambassador wolf, a symbol of wild beauty and strength. Soon, he will join his pack at the WCC, where his purpose will be to educate, inspire, and further the future of his species.

In anticipation of his arrival, we invite you to participate in our exciting Ambassador Wolf Naming Challenge!

How It Works

  1. Get Creative: Unleash your inner wolf and come up with a name that captures the spirit and significance of wolves. Once you have it, submit your suggestion through our online form. (Please limit to one entry per person.)
  2. Share Your Story: Explain why you chose the name you did. Share a brief story or reasoning that connects you to wolves and our mission. This personal touch makes your submission stand out and helps us understand your perspective.
  3. Spread the Word: Encourage your friends, family, and colleagues to join our challenge. The more participants, the more we raise awareness and advocacy for wolves.
  4. Keep an Eye Out: The deadline for submissions is Wednesday, May 17th. Our team will review all entries and select three that align with our mission and values. These will be shared with the community for a final round of voting.

We look forward to your creative name suggestions!

Be a Part of the Legacy

Since 1995, the WCC has been home to seven Ambassador wolves, starting with Kaila. Our current Ambassadors, Alawa and Nikai, inspire our onsite guests in South Salem, NY, and thousands more around the world through live webcams. Now, you have the opportunity to name the next Ambassador who will carry this legacy forward.

By participating in our Ambassador Wolf Naming Challenge, you can make a unique contribution to the conservation of these endangered animals.