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Ambassador Wolf Alawa

Born: April 20, 2011     

Alawa (meaning "sweetpea" in Algonquin, and pronounced ai-lay-ewa) is a beautiful blonde and her temperament matches her name.

Alawa and litter-mate Zephyr were born on April 20, 2011 and arrived at the WCC on May 27 of that year. Together, with younger brother Nikai (Born April 2014), the wolves live on exhibit to help WCC guests best understand and appreciate the importance and plight of their wild kin. 

At first glance, Alawa comes across as dainty and demure compared to her rambunctious brothers. Watch her for a while, and you’ll notice she’s often dominating her brothers with impressive moves while rough-housing. Although Zephyr is the self-appointed leader of the family expressing his status with erect posture and tail carried high. It’s possible that Alawa holds the same position in the family, albeit covertly. She’s mastered the art of avoiding conflict and securing what she wants to satisfy her needs.  

Among all the wolves residing at the WCC, Alawa wears the badge of "Laziest howler." Her "Laziest Wolf Howls" video series is guaranteed to make viewers smile!

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