Carnivore Coexistence in California's Central Valley

The Wolf Conservation Center hosted Petros Chrysafis, MS on September 6, 2022 at 6 pm ET for an engaging discussion about carnivore coexistence.

Petros reflected on his experiences as an independent human-wildlife conflict specialist in Central California. He discussed his experience deterring mountain lions, coyotes, bobcats, gray and red foxes and black bears in chaparral foothills, high elevation old growth forests and grassland habitats. During his talk he also discussed how he approaches conflict cases and his protocol as well as what has worked, what has not worked and what research he has done in the area.


Petros Chrysafis is an independent human-wildlife conflict specialist in California’s Central Valley.  His work largely consists of predator/livestock interactions, habituated animals and property damaged caused by wildlife. He graduated with a BSc(Honors) Zoology from the University of Aberdeen and with an MS (Biology) from California State University Fresno. He works with ranchers and livestock owners to promote coexistence by monitoring predator presence, introducing deterrents and researching new deterrent potential. His work spans from the Central Sierra Nevada across the valley floor itself. Petros is currently researching human associated scents as a predator deterrent on five Central Valley ranches.