Critically Endangered Red Wolf Pups Celebrate First Birthday!

April 19, 2019

On a breezy afternoon last April, red wolf F2121 (affectionately nicknamed Charlotte) quietly gave birth to four pups and was soon followed by red wolf F1858 (Veronica), who gave birth to six pups hours later. Over the next few months, the growth of these rare wolves was monitored by a global audience via live-streaming webcams…

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Prepping for Endangered Mexican Gray Wolf Pups?

April 17, 2019

The arrival of spring means changing temperatures, chirping birds, and critically endangered wolf pups! Pregnancy can be an exciting and magical time for parents but waiting can be excruciating for well-wishers! No pups yet for critically endangered Mexican gray wolf Trumpet (F1505), but her belly appears quite large – a sign of potential pregnancy. Over…

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Letter: Hazing Coyotes Protect the Animals and Humans

April 14, 2019

It’s no secret I like coyotes. In fact, part of my job as Wildlife Outreach Specialist at the Wolf Conservation Center in New York is to address the rampant misinformation so widely circulated about coyotes. That is why I felt compelled to respond to Leo Maloney’s Op-Ed that is rife with misrepresentation of coyote behavior.…

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For Wolves, Grooming Helps Strengthen Family Bonds

April 12, 2019

For wolves, grooming helps strengthen family bonds. When Ambassador wolf Alawa licks and nibbles Nikai, not only is Alawa keeping her brother’s fur clean and free of debris, her grooming efforts are gestures of intimacy that reaffirm the unique emotional bonds that shape the foundation of the family. Because when it comes to wolves, it’s…

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Endangered Mexican Wolf Population Increases Despite Record Number of Deaths in 2018

April 8, 2019

In its annual survey released today, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) reports that 131 wild Mexican gray wolves were counted in the U.S. – a 12% increase since last year and a new high since the critically endangered wolf was returned to the wild 21 years ago. “This is encouraging news,” said Maggie Howell, Executive…

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The Wolves and Moose of Isle Royale

April 5, 2019

Join Dr. Rolf Peterson on April 24 at 7 pm EST for a special (and FREE) webinar about the wolves and moose of Isle Royale! Isle Royale is a remote wilderness island in Lake Superior and home to populations of wolves and moose that are known worldwide. These animals are the focus of the longest-running…

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Clever Raven Caches Food

April 2, 2019

Studies have shown that ravens seem to anticipate theft by rivals, and will cache their food to save some for later. Ravens will observe other ravens’ behaviors and will raid their caches if they have the chance. “At the same time, ravens with thievery on their minds try to look like they’re not watching too closely, which would…

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Trail Cam Reveals Wolf Conservation Center’s Other Wild Residents

March 31, 2019

Although the Wolf Conservation Center (WCC) is only an hour away from New York City, there’s actually more native wildlife around than a person might expect. From owls and eagles to eastern coyotes and bobcats – New York’s Westchester County is pretty wild! Here are some of the critters that our trail-cam captured in the…

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Scientific Report Finds Red Wolf and Mexican Gray Wolf as Taxonomically Valid

March 28, 2019

Is the red wolf a distinct species or, as critics in North Carolina have long contended, a hybrid unworthy of Endangered Species Act protection? What about the Mexican gray wolf – is the lobo a “real” subspecies? The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) recognizes both as valid and lists each as endangered under the federal Endangered…

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Howls of Thanks

March 27, 2019

You did it! Yesterday we invited you to be a part of our one-day LoboWeek fundraiser and you heard our howls! Hundreds of supporters helped the WCC raise close to $27,000, exceeding our goal of $20,000! We are humbled by your support and incredibly grateful for having friends like you. Thanks again for your encouragement…

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