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Being Coyote Wise empowers community members to feel safe recreating outdoors while sharing the landscape with its natural inhabitants. It is a commitment to be proactive in mitigating human-coyote conflict, ultimately improving coexistence. It is also a way to reduce lethal removal of coyotes.

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Coexistence Articles

What to Expect During Coyote Pup Season

With the onset of spring comes many new and exciting developments for the wild world. Flowers bloom, birds return, offspring are born … Yet alongside new growth reemerges age-old anecdotes and misunderstandings about so many wild species. Saddled with the unfortunate brunt of the rumors is North America’s most persecuted species: the coyote. Spring is…

Changing Seasons Bring Cool Temps and Cooler Wildlife Adaptations

It’s that time of year again, when the days begin to fall shorter and the nights colder. As we prepare for the cooler months of autumn and winter, so do the wild species sharing our landscape. For different species, those preparations will vary. But one thing is certain – winter is harsh, and provisions must…

Cute Eastern Coyote Pup Reminds Us to Coexist

Spring means warmer weather, spots of sunshine, and cute coyote pups! The arrival of coyote pups and other newborn wildlife reminds us to be respectful and vigilant of wildlife around us. As you might expect from any animal with young offspring, coyotes will defend their dens from perceived threats. Sometimes, however, they misconstrue who is…