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Gifts of highly appreciated stock are another method of making a gift and a way to possibly avoid capital gains taxes. Stock may be donated electronically or stock certificates may be signed over to WOLF CONSERVATION CENTER.

Securities Held by a Bank or Broker

If your securities are with a bank or broker, you can transfer your shares to WCC by Depository Trust Company (DTC) wire by completing our Transmittal Letter, below, and sending it to your broker and submitting a fax copy to Michael Lysenkoz at Morgan Stanley at 212 692 2990. (Please Note: It is extremely important that you notify us when transferring securities into WCC’s account by faxing Michael Lysenkoz. The securities cannot be sold until the donor has been identified. Also, we need your name and address for tax deduction and acknowledgement purposes).

      For further information you can contact Maggie Howell by telephone at 914-763-2373 or via email at [email protected]

Securities Held by You - If the physical certificates are in your possession, please call Michael Lysenko at Morgan Stanley for instructions on delivering them to WCC’s account (telephone at 212 692 2909 or via email at [email protected])

Transmittal Letter (MS Word)

Transmittal Letter (pdf file)