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News Lobo NY reporter: Mexican Gray wolf F837

Good morning everyone.  It’s been a wild morning here at the Wolf Conservation Center (WCC) in South Salem, NY.  The Red Wolf Family has been quite active and extremely vocal all morning.  So far it appears that F1397 is not a new mother.  To repeat, we believe that no pups have been born so far this morning here at the WCC.

There have been several eye witness accounts of F1397 up and about with the rest of her family.  Yearlings M1803 and M1804 appear to be a bit antsy, perhaps excited about new siblings on the way? 

When we approached M1803 for his perspective, M1483 swiftly swooped in and took his young son by the nose forbidding him to talk to the press.  M1483 told News Lobo NY  “…this is a family affair and we would really appreciate some privacy.  We’ll be in touch with an official announcement when we’re ready.  Thank you.”   Will F1397 have pups at all?  Only she knows the answer to this question and this morning she refused to comment. Well, she did make one comment…

So stay tuned to see how this exciting story unfolds.  From the adjacent enclosure, this is Mexican gray wolf F837, News Lobo New York.