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Únete a Atka en la alfombra roja de “True Wolf” en Nueva York

The film “True Wolf” is the story of a wolf called Koani who with the help of her human companions, became an ambassador for her species, traveling the country to help raise awareness about wolves. Sound familiar?
The compelling film has been screened in a number of states and tomorrow “True Wolf” is coming to the Big Apple for ONE WEEK ONLY (Aug 17 – 23)!  Join Atka & the great folks from the Coalición Nacional de Observadores de Lobos tomorrow at  7:35PM at Pueblo del cine 22 East 12th Street for this red carpet affair.
With the fate of several wolf populations appearing bleak, this film could serve as an excellent tool to motivate the masses to take action on behalf of this misunderstood predator. To learn more about the film, please visit its website at: http://www.truewolfmovie.com/

Watch the video to hear Maggie Howell of the WCC’s endorsement of the film: