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Amor: estilo Wolfy

It’s an exciting time for wolves and the Wolf Conservation Center– it’s the season of romance! Hormones are racing and hopefully several courtships have already begun. We’re keeping our eye on the WCC’s three breeding pairs in hope that we’ll see some of the following promising behaviors:

• nuzzling
• “prancing”
• wrestling
• parallel walking
• mounting
• rear sniffing
• tandem urination – this is true romance!

Most romantic activities occur behind closed doors, so our elusive wolves are unlikely to display amorous behavior for a crowd of spectators. Thankfully, we need not rely entirely on eyewitness accounts, our WildEarth webcams help WCC staff, volunteers, and supporters, keep an eye on Mexican wolves F837 and M805 in real time! If you see anything interesting, please let us know by emailing Rebecca@nywolf.org.