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#StandForWolves – Perder lobos nos empobrecería a todos

Our friends from WildEarth Guardians made a short film (below) about why wolves are so important to the landscape, and to all of us. The Fish and Wildlife Service’s proposal to remove the gray wolf from the list of endangered species has hackles up nationwide. Please take a few moments to watch the film, share with your friends and family and take action to help save wolves from extinction.

As the film explains, wolves are critical ecological forces on the landscape, but they have only returned to 5% of their historic range. The job of wolf recovery is simply not done. #StandforWolves by taking action today to ensure these beautiful iconic animals are returned to ecosystems across our country where they are needed and where they belong.

los Coalición Nacional de Observadores de Lobos makes it easy to submit your comments to USFWS:

For additional ways to act on behalf America’s gray wolves, please visit the Coalición de especies en peligro de extinción's #StandForWolves page.