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Niños que cambian de opinión sobre los lobos

With kids like 8-yr-old Turner Burns, the future looks bright.  Turner is featured in October’s Ranger Rick Magazine because he wants to tell readers that wolves are important! When Turner was 6 yrs old, he shared a howl with the Wolf Conservation Center’s ambassador wolves Atka, Alawa, and Zephyr, and his life hasn’t been the same since.  After being bitten by the “wolf bug,” Turner became an enthusiastic advocate for wolves, he even started his own Facebook page called “Niños para lobos” to help his peers understand why wolves are an essential part of the wild landscape.

Connecting with children like Turner reminds WCC staff and volunteers why education remains key.  Although most supporters think working among wolves is what makes our work  special, it actually making a difference for children like Turner that has the bigger impact.

Turner knows that wolves nationwide urgently need our help and people of all ages can #StandForWolves.  USFWS is accepting comments re: the proposals until October 28th.

  • Exprese su oposición a la propuesta de eliminación de la lista nacional aquí.
  • Dile al USFWS que los Lobos Mexicanos son esenciales aquí.

Si su hijo quiere hablar en nombre de los lobos, descargue nuestro Plantilla de carta para niños y enviarlo a:

Centro de conservación de lobos
Apartado postal 421
South Salem, NY10590

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