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A pesar del gran esfuerzo, los recursos y el apoyo invertidos en la recuperación del lobo, el Servicio de Pesca y Vida Silvestre de EE. UU. (USFWS) está listo para hacer cambios that will put the future of the gray wolf and its proven benefits to ecosystems at serious risk.

1) Nationwide Gray Wolf Delisting Proposal: USFWS’s proposes to remove Endangered Species Act  protections for the gray wolf (Canis lupus) in the contiguous United States despite wolves occupying only about 5 percent of their historic range.

2) Reglas propuestas para la reintroducción y recuperación del lobo mexicano: Although the critically endangered Mexican gray wolf, or “lobo,” is exempt from USFWS’s nationwide delisting proposal, lobos will be subject to other provisions that are very problematic – including the recovery area’s artificial boundaries and their re-designation as an “experimental, nonessential” population.

USFWS is accepting comments re: these two separate proposals until December 17th  and is also offers public hearings for people to comment in person. Last night was the first of four rescheduled public hearings and it was an affirming experience for those of us who care about wolves.  Here are some compelling statements recounted by our friends from Guardianes de la Tierra Salvaje.

“I want my kids, their kids and their kids to get the privilege of seeing wolves.” – Emile, under 10

“I am the voice of my generation, please listen to me.  We want wolves on the landscape.”  – Mckenna, 7

“I’m a lifetime member of the NRA and I would like to see wolves protected.”  – gentleman in his 60s

WildEarth Guardians estimates that fewer than 10 folks in the 400 were supporters of delisting. Mission accomplished in Denver, Albuquerque, here we come! 

If you’re unable to attend a hearing, please comment online!