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Lawsuit Initiated to Protect Threatened Lynx From Traps in Idaho

Centro para la Diversidad Biológica, Proyecto de Cuencas Hidrográficas Occidentales y Amigos de Clearwater initiated a lawsuit today against the Governor “Butch” Otter of Idaho and other state officials to halt trapping that illegally kills one of the rarest cats in the United States, the Canada lynx.

According to Idaho Fish and Game, the total population of Canada Lynx in the state is thought to be less than 100 and “may be especially susceptible to trapping, which has been a significant source of mortality.” Could the presence of this threatened kitty help safeguard other critters from this indiscriminate and barbaric hunting practice in Idaho?

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If the Idaho Department of Fish and Game does not address the violations outlined in today’s notice of intent to sue, a federal lawsuit can be filed as soon as 60 days. The notice of intent to sue aquí.