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Educando a Animal Planet sobre lobos reales - Tercera parte

Animal Planet ha estado recibiendo mucho calor desde que retrató falsamente a los lobos como bestias devoradoras de hombres en su sensacional y completamente engañoso “Súper lobosprograma. Peticiones demanding the channel pull the programming has been circulating widely. Animal Planet, however, is right about something — wolves and other wild animals often demonstrate that they are indeed SUPER!  Today’s #SUPERWOLF is Yellowstone wolf 10M.

On March 21, 1995, Yellowstone wolf 10M was the first to leave the acclimation pen and became the first wolf to roam Yellowstone in nearly 70 years. In April he became a father, creating a new generation of wild Yellowstone wolves. On April 23rd, he was illegally shot and killed by a single bullet.

Though his life was cut short in his prime, Yellowstone Wolf 10M made a lasting impression. Outweighing nearly every other wolf introduced in to Yellowstone, it was his confidence which made him so impressive. “He remains in many ways an ideal icon of the reintroduction: both a symbol of the extraordinary strength of wolves – their ability to thrive if given a chance – and at the same time, a reminder of how frail such vitality can be in the face of humans.” 10M was a #SUPERWOLF.

 Stay tuned for more SUPER wolf stories and learn more about 10M in Dr Doug Smith’s “Decade of the Wolf.”