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El Servicio de Pesca y Vida Silvestre de EE. UU. autoriza la matanza de un lobo rojo en peligro de extinción


los Centro de conservación de lobos‘s 7-week-old red wolf pups experienced their first destructive storm on Tuesday. Having a robust family to hunker down with no doubt brought them comfort.


Wild red wolf pups of a similar age just lost a parent. Why? Because USFWS, the very agency charged by federal law with protecting the endangered species, authorized the killing of their mother. Read USFWS’ press release aquí.

To add insult to injury, the agency is poised to end the recovery program in North Carolina and thus render the species extinct in the wild.

There is a perceived notion that red wolves are a local or regional issue. Endangered species recovery, however, is a matter of pride and concern for all U.S. citizens. Wildlife and other natural resources are a public trust. The public trust is a legal concept that implies that we all share equal, undivided interests in America’s wildlife. Thus, decision-making and resulting wildlife policy should be developed based on sound science and carried out in a democratic manner responsive to the voice of ALL people. The Red Wolf Coalition offers a sample letter aquí.

Please urge USFWS to give this rare and at-risk species the support it deserves.