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9-Yr-Old Auctions Artwork to Make a Difference For Wolves

Celestial Cry
By giving endangered species a voice via her artwork, Bria of Rostros de los en peligro está marcando la diferencia una pintura a la vez.

 “Leí sobre todos los animales en peligro de extinción y no podía creer lo que les estaba pasando a estas maravillosas criaturas. Quiero pintar todos los animales en peligro de extinción y donar el dinero para darles una cara para que no desaparezcan”.

Bria has a deep love for wolves. In honor of Ambassador wolf Atka’s birthday last May, the conservation-minded 9-yr-old gave the Centro de conservación de lobos (WCC) a beautiful portrait of the arctic beauty.
By means of her passion and creativity, Bria continues to make a difference for wolves. Via an online auction on Facebook, Bria is inviting supporters to bid on her latest wolf painting, “Celestial Cry,” in an effort to support the WCC!

“The Red Wolf is critically endangered because of habitat loss, human conflict, climate change and poaching. There are less than 50 left in the wild and they need us to protect them! They are disappearing fast! I don’t want a world without wolves.”

The auction will remain open through July 23rd. Keep up the great work, Bria! You exemplify the amazing potential of your generation to make this world a better place.

Visit Bria’s Celestial Cry Auction Page Here.