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WDFW mata lobo en peligro de extinción para proteger vacas en tierras públicas

State wildlife officials killed another state endangered wolf to protect cows grazing on public lands. The wolf, a member of the Sherman family group, was killed by Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) early today.

This is the third time the WDFW has killed wolves to protect the Diamond M’s livestock, beginning with the Wedge Pack in 2012 and the Profanity Peak pack last summer. The ranch leases federal grazing allotments in the Colville National Forest and operates one of the largest cattle operations in the state.

¿Debería WDFW estar matando lobos (estado en peligro de extinción nada menos) en las tierras públicas de Estados Unidos para beneficiar los márgenes de beneficio de una empresa privada?

Lea la actualización de WDFW.