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Here’s to you!

Every voice raised in support of wildlife and wild places can make a difference. And when we all howl together we can make big things happen! It is because our pack, supporters, and champions like YOU, that the Centro de conservación de lobos (WCC) has become a national leader in wolf education, advocacy, and the protection of wolf populations in the wild.

So as we close 2017, we thank you for your support and rededicate ourselves to our mission. Because many challenges remain…

Wolves continue to be subjected to aggressive hunting and trapping in states where their federal protections have been lifted. Wild Mexican wolves and red wolves face serious recovery challenges that will affect their future success. Finally, the very law that is meant to protect endangered species – the Endangered Species Act – is under fire like never before

But we won’t give up. The WCC sees a world where vibrant populations of wolves roam wild landscapes across the continent; where no species of wolf cowers on the edge of extinction; and where every child learns of, and respects, these essential creatures.

As a pack, we will make a difference.

See you in 2018!