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Septiembre pide un cambio de vestuario para los lobos

September is here and summer seems to be shifting into autumn with the earlier encroachment of evening and the faintest suggestion of leaves beginning to redden.

The Northeastern U.S. has long been known for its dramatic seasonal changes, but autumn is extra special at the Wolf Conservation Center. As the leaves turn to vivid shades of orange, red and gold, wolves begin to glow as well in their newly grown coats!

El pelaje de un lobo consta de dos elementos: los largos pelos protectores que forman la capa exterior visible del pelaje y la suave capa inferior destinada a mantener al lobo cómodo en temperaturas más frías.

Los lobos mudan la capa interna aislante durante la primavera y, a medida que se acerca el otoño, la capa interna se espesa.

The shedding cycle is driven by hormone levels that rise in the spring with the onset of longer days and decrease as day lengths shorten in the fall.

Thanks to the photoperiodic rhythm of his body chemistry, Atka is preparing for the coming season and looking forward to snowy days on the horizon. Enjoy the day, Atka!