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¡Imágenes increíbles de interacciones entre lobos y osos en el Parque Nacional Voyageurs!

Wow! Amazing footage of wolf-bear interactions in Voyageurs National Park!

Wolves chase bear away from den with 4 pups in northern Minnesota

We got this crazy footage a week ago! The Paradise Pack pups are fortunate that their parents were nearby to fend off this bear. The pack only consists of a breeding pair (Wolves V077 and V085) and we know from GPS-locations that the pair are, at times, away from the den getting food at the same time meaning the pups are left alone. If the bear had visited when both wolves were away, the bear could easily have killed all 4 pups! The pack continued to use this den for 2 more days before moving their pups a short ways to another den that they are currently occupying.

publicado por Proyecto Voyageurs Wolf on Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Wolf pups are quite small when they’re born and their size, coupled with a lack of defense skills at that young age, means they’re quite vulnerable to other predators. Luckily for these wolf pups, mom and dad were able to save the day when a bear got a little too close!

Note: All 4 pups are healthy and well.

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