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Wolf Conservation Center se asocia con Pilots to the Rescue para salvar a los lobos rojos

Cupid isn’t the only one taking to the sky to orchestrate love connections!

Reunir Pilotos al Rescate (PTTR), a volunteer-based non-profit aviation organization that donates flights to make a difference for animals.

On Saturday, the great team at PTTR picked up red wolf Marley, their critically endangered VIP (very important passenger), and flew her to Tennessee to embark on what we hope will be an exciting and romantic adventure!

El grupo de gestión del Plan de supervivencia de especies (SSP) para el lobo rojo determina qué lobos cautivos deben reproducirse cada año mediante el uso de software desarrollado para la gestión de poblaciones de especies en peligro de extinción. La diversidad genética es la consideración principal en la selección de parejas reproductoras de lobos rojos porque todos los lobos rojos descienden de solo catorce fundadores rescatados de la extinción.

Marley was found to be an excellent match with a red wolf named Colbert, who resides at Reflection Riding Arboretum & Nature Center.

This is not the first red wolf mission for PTTR; in 2017, the team transported red wolf Jack (Marley’s father) to the WCC from North Carolina.

While we’re sad to see Marley go, we’re excited about her future. In the meantime, we send howls of gratitude to PTTR for making a difference for red wolf recovery!