Yo: abril 2023

Important Updates On Lauren Boebert’s So-Called “Trust The Science” Act

abril 28, 2023

A couple of weeks ago, we discussed the potential ramifications of the Trust the Science Act (H.R. 764) on gray wolves and other endangered species in the United States. This…

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Minnesota Wolves Score Win as House Votes to Ban Hunting

abril 20, 2023

The Minnesota House of Representatives voted this week to ban the recreational hunting and trapping of wolves in the state, should the animal be removed from federal endangered species protection.…

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Oregon Wolf Population Stagnates as Poaching and Agency Killings Continue

abril 18, 2023

Oregon’s wolf population has grown by only three confirmed animals, increasing from 175 to 178 wolves, according to the 2022 annual wolf report released today by the Oregon Department of…

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Government Agents Kill Endangered Mexican Gray Wolf Father, Threatening Pack’s Survival

abril 17, 2023

MEDIA CONTACTS: Maggie Howell, Wolf Conservation Center, (914) 763-2373; maggie@nywolf.orgGreta Anderson, Western Watersheds Project (520)623-1878; greta@westernwatersheds.org Chris Smith, WildEarth Guardians, (505) 395-6177, csmith@wildearthguardians.orgMichael Robinson, Center for Biological Diversity, (575) 313-7017,…

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Washington Gray Wolf Count Shows Growth For 14th Straight Year

abril 15, 2023

Washington’s Gray Wolf population has continued to grow for the 14th year in a row, according to the Washington Gray Wolf Conservation and Management 2022 Annual Report. The report, which…

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USFWS to Host Public Meetings on Red Wolf Recovery Program

abril 14, 2023

The US Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) will be hosting both an in-person and a virtual public meeting on May 9th and 10th, 2023, respectively. The meetings are intended to…

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WCC Researcher Talks Red Wolves and AI at NJIT Conference

abril 6, 2023

The New Jersey Institute of Technology hosted an event last week called “Women Designing the Future: Artificial Intelligence/Real Human Lives,” which focused on the ways that AI is shaping our…

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Rushed Colorado Senate Bill Seeks To Delay Wolf Reintroduction

abril 5, 2023

While CO rep. Lauren Boebert has been attacking endangered species on the national front, wolf reintroduction could be in danger on the state level in CO as well. The recent…

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Lauren Boebert’s War on the ESA: Ignoring the Science

abril 3, 2023

Rep. Lauren Boebert’s House Bill 7766, the ironically named “Trust the Science Act”, which seeks to undermine the Endangered Species Act by allowing states to opt out of federal protection…

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